Small Groups

Winter Groups 2022-2023

We have a variety of groups here  at The Pointe.  Please check out the descriptions below to help you get a good understanding of the different types of groups we are offering this winter.  

101 Groups

Serve Groups: Group gather on a weekly basis and include praying, sharing, serving and fellowship.  Each group will serve together on a specified day/time with a specific purpose to meet a need in our church family and/or community throughout the semester.

Virtual Groups: Groups  gather virtually via an online platform for praying  and sharing together.

Special Interest Groups: Groups gather  together focused on a specific hobby or special interest (fishing, cooking, health and fitness, sports, etc.).  These groups will also include praying, sharing and fellowship.

201 Groups

Groups gather on a weekly basis and include these four components: eating/fellowship, sharing, praying and serving together throughout the semester. Groups choose a book for studying and discussion with a heavy emphasis on discussion, prayer and practical application during the weekly meetings. Fellowship is taken to a new level to include action steps and accountability.

301 Groups

Groups gather on a weekly basis and include these four components: fellowship, sharing, praying and serving together.  301 groups require a specific commitment to the group with a goal of diving deeper in the Word and relationship with Christ and how to live that out (which  may include inner healing, scripture study/memorization, fasting, walking in the Spirit, and the practical, daily lifestyle of a disciple, etc.)

You can't do life alone. It's fact.

Tough times arise and you need a shoulder to lean on. A young couple is getting ready to make their family of 2, a family of 3. Family members are preparing to say their final goodbyes. Whatever your season or circumstance, life is do-able when we have relationships we can rely on. Relationships that keep us grounded. Relationships that lift us up when we're hurting and relationships that help us celebrate the wins in life. 

At The Pointe, we make it a priority to live life together, connected in small groups.

Group Life

Adults meet together in small groups to cover a ton of subjects, ranging from the foundations of faith to spiritual maturity, finances, relationships, and other great topics.   If you have any questions about any of these groups or are interested in joining a group, please feel free to contact us and we can point you to someone who can help out.


Small groups rotate on a regular basis. Each small group meets together for three months and then we take one month off.  During the one-month break, registration is taking place for the next rotation of small groups. So, if you don't exactly feel "at home" in your current group or if you would rather do a different study, good news! No group is permanent and each study is temporary; another opportunity is right around the corner!