Small Groups

You can't do life alone. It's fact.

Tough times arise and you need a shoulder to lean on. A young couple is getting ready to make their family of 2, a family of 3. Family members are preparing to say their final goodbyes. Whatever your season or circumstance, life is do-able when we have relationships we can rely on. Relationships that keep us grounded. Relationships that lift us up when we're hurting and relationships that help us celebrate the wins in life. 

At The Pointe, we make it a priority to live life together, connected in small groups.

Group Life

Adults meet together in small groups to cover a ton of subjects, ranging from the foundations of faith to spiritual maturity, finances, relationships, and other great topics.  However, this fall, we're excited to announce our Freedom series that will cover our entire church family from Pointe Kids Jr., Pointe Kids, Pointe Students, up through adults. From the stage on Sunday to small group environments, we'll be learning about how to experience and live in Freedom! If you have any questions about any of these groups or are interested in joining a group, please feel free to contact us and we can point you to someone who can help out.


Small groups rotate on a regular basis. Each small group meets together for three months and then we take one month off to worship together on Wednesday nights. During the one-month break, registration is taking place for the next rotation of small groups. So, if you don't exactly feel "at home" in your current group or if you would rather do a different study, good news! No group is permanent and each study is temporary; another opportunity is right around the corner!

We're pumped to see what will happen in the lives of our Pointe fam as we learn how to live in freedom....freedom from religion, addiction, shame, rejection, and many others!


John 8:32

virtual Freedom Groups- Fall 2021

Dawn Eaton + LeAnn Rudeseal

Wednesday evening: mixed group

in-person Freedom Groups - Fall 2021

Heidi Fowler + Paulette Chitwood 

Wednesday evening @ The Pointe.

Angela &  Joseph Tucker + Jamie Pitts

Wednesday evening: Toccoa (Tucker home)

Jennifer Burton + Pam Adams 

Wednesday evening @ The Pointe

George & Pam Champion 

Tuesday evening 7pm @ The Pointe  

Wendi Vaughn + Melody Housley

Wednesday evening @ The Pointe  

Haven Gentry + Peggy Williams 

Thursday 7pm @ The Pointe

Mark & Jessie Palmer + Kim & Adam Elrod

Wednesday evening: Toccoa (Elrod home)

David & Suni Cawthon 

Wednesday evening: Toccoa (Cawthon home)

Julie & Shane Alzen

Sunday 5:30pm: Toccoa (Alzen home): couples group

Steve & Diane Harrison 

Wednesday evening: Toccoa (Harrison home) 

Buddy & Teresa Hanson

Wednesday evening @ The Pointe

Brooke Westbrook

Monday evening: Toccoa (Ladies group: Westbrook home) 

Patty & Russell Williams 

Sunday 5pm: Toccoa (Williams home)

Dawn Eaton

Sunday 5pm: Martin (Eaton home)

Julie Roberts + Tammy Woody 

Wednesday evening: Toccoa (Carswell home)  

Kassadie Deal + Carley Payne

Sunday 5pm @ The Pointe

Will & Mandy Dickerson 

Wednesday evening: Clarkesville (Dickerson home) 

Liz Heller

Tuesday evening: Hartwell (Ladies Group: Heller home)
*childcare provided

Dale & Marie Underwood

Sunday 5:30pm: Clarkesville (Underwood home) 

Keith & Angie Franks

Hybrid: Wednesday evening @ The Pointe/Serve evenings meet 4:30pm @ The Hope Center)

Creed Turner + Allie Henry + Austin Chitwood 

Sunday 5:30pm @ The Pointe

Keri McCoy + Cheryl Medlin

Wednesday evening: Toccoa/Cornelia (home)

Dianne & Jimmy Perry

Sunday 5pm @ The Pointe

Kelly & Jessicah Briley

Sunday 6pm: Martin (Hill home)  

Rodney &  Kerri Pugh

Sunday 6pm: Mt Airy/Toccoa

Maggie Smallwood + Lisa Thomas

Wednesday evening: Toccoa (Thomas home)

Preston & Katie Pitts

Sunday 5pm @ The Pointe 

Sherrie & Rick Jeffers

Sunday AM (after 8:30 service) @ The Pointe

Brooke & Jeremy Stowe

Sunday 7pm: Toccoa (Stowe home) 

Keaton & Jordan Yearwood

Wednesday evening: Toccoa (Yearwood home)

Diane & Dennis Bentley

Wednesday evening: Toccoa (Bentley home) 

Gary & Tina Knight

Wednesday evening: Toccoa (Knight home) 

Jerry Chitwood + Howard McGlennen

Wednesday evening @ The Pointe 

Kevin & Kathy Lindberg

Wednesday evening @ The Pointe 

Adam & Ashley Ivester

Wednesday evening: Toccoa 

Kevin & Wanda Shirley

Wednesday evening: Toccoa (Shirley home)

Stephanie Wilbanks

Wednesday evening: Toccoa (Wilbanks home)

Scott & Tammy Rauch

Wednesday evening 6pm: Martin (Rauch home) 

Doug Vermilya + Mike Heller

Saturday morning 8am: Lavonia

Tom & Linda Kelleher

Sunday 6pm: Toccoa (Kelleher home)

Sheila Simpson + Linda Kirby

Wednesday @ The Pointe

Andrea Reganato + Nicole Wright 

Sunday 5:30pm @ The Pointe

Matt & Dani Hill

Wednesday evening: Toccoa (Hill home)

Natasha Gebora

Sunday 4pm: Demorest (Gebora home) 

Martha & Ken Crunkleton

Sunday 5pm: Martin (Crunkleton home)

Nick Harris + Frankie Hunter

Sunday 6pm @ The Pointe (Guys Group)

Darryl & Myong Dunn

Wednesday evening: Toccoa (Dunn home)

Maria & Blaine Gossett

Monday evening (6pm): Martin (Gossett home)

Ricky Crocker

Tuesday evening: Toccoa (Crocker home)

Denise & Steve Hudson

Sunday 5:30pm: Clarkesville (Hudson home) 

Meagan Allen

Wednesday evening: Toccoa (Allen home) 

Kelly & Tiffiney Love

Wednesday evening @ The Pointe

Jana & Tyler Morris

Sunday 5pm: Lavonia (Morris home)

Tammie & Tevin Arthur

Hybrid: Monday evening @ The Pointe (Serve evenings meet 4:30pm @ The Hope Center)

Kelly Breymeir

Serve Group: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays @ 4:30pm: Boys & Girls Club

Brian & Diana Cartwright

Wednesday evening: Toccoa (home: Bill & Teresa Pritchett)

Nan Payne + Tonya Chitwood

Sunday evening: Toccoa (Sangster home) Ladies Group